the day my heart skipped a beat

29 Oct

Coincidentally, it was also the day I suddenly found myself needing an embroidery hoop like I needed air to breathe. Monster Crochet’s recent posting of her anatomical patches is at the, er, heart of this. How cool are they!?

I’ve been a bit loathe to knit for everyone this year for the holidays – not because I’ve fallen out of the knitting love, but mostly just because I don’t want to get into the habit of feeling pressured to make eight billion pairs of socks, forty-nine thousand hat and scarf sets and ninety-one cabled cardigans ON DEADLINE. Admittedly, I thrive on deadlines, but the only eXtreme knitting I really want to partake in is knitting within an inch of a skein.

Nonetheless, I’m not all that keen on the idea of shopping for a load of Stuff that will end up in a pile of other Stuff and eventually stowed in a cupboard somewhere and forgotten. (Because no matter how hard I try to shop for everyone’s specific tastes and find things that they will love, it doesn’t always happen and inevitably someone at the bottom of the list ends up with a last-minute teaspoon rest in the shape of a festive kitten.)

But the bottom line is I do love making things and I especially love making things that make me laugh, which makes a bit of sublime stitching a very attractive prospect. And hand-made gifts are always so much more meaningful than something pulled off a shelf. It lets the recipient really know you were thinking about them. After all, who wouldn’t want an artfully framed pair of embroidered fallopian tubes?

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