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15 Nov

I’ve had the most relaxing day ever – most needed after a particularly productive week. Lou and I met up yesterday for an afternoon of fabric browsing and came away with some fantastic prints, all set for sewing up some bags; I sent off a couple of freelance projects; my students on Friday were awesome (even if the radiators in the seminar room were absurdly high and we could get only three windows open); Rosemary Jackson came to my rescue and I’ve been storming through part of my thesis. Plus, I finally worked out the colourwork on one project and the shaping for another AND discovered the last detail that made a third perfect. Like I said: productive!

So today I slept in. Matthew and I lounged until gone noon (unheard-of luxury), I slouched about the shops looking for lovely foodstuffs; I’ve done some reading for pleasure; and I’ve just spent the last half hour running through some of my favourite foodie/activist blogs: Post-punk Kitchen, Where’s the Revolution?, microRevolt and (a very new favourite) Get Sconed.

Lastly, I can’t get my hands on this just yet but the second it’s available Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz will be mine.


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