crysler and cookies

17 Nov

As you will have read from emmms’s previous post we had a busy week, material, sewing machines! So I too deserved a relaxing weekend and I definitely had one! I only left my bed on Saturday to make cookies and dinner (and by making dinner I mean ordering a pizza online!); however, while watching ‘Family Guy series 7’ and classic George A. Romero’s vampire movie Martin, I managed to get 2 knitting projects finished. I had not planned for this to happen but it all just came together!


I was very fearful about making my first vegan cookies. The thought of a cookie recipe without eggs sort of freaked me out a bit, but wow they came out so well! and were incredibly tasty! I used a recipe I got from emmms and added some pine nuts and some blueberries to the chocolate mix.

They were so easy to make too and as you can see from the photo very popular as the cookie jar was full to begin with!

Some of them came out a bit like small muffins as I added the batter to a fairy cake tray and the ones I lay flat were biscuity with a bit of a chew to them. The best had to be the muffiny ones!

The first of the knitting projects I finished was the my art deco bag which I have blogged about before.

It has been a love of mine for a while now but needed the final touches

So here it is the finished Crysler Bag!



I am going to try and write the pattern up so with any luck it should be on the site soon! Hopefully!


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