cut out and keep

19 Nov

How long has this been going on and nobody told me about it? It was only because I was scrolling through my Friends’ Activity page on Ravelry and spotted Ysolda‘s Belle Beret that I found it at all. Cut Out and Keep is the sort of community site I wish I’d had the wherewithall to start up. I love Ravelry — I love every little thing about it, including the whiplash I occasionally get as another copyright quandary or yarny malpractice scuffle whizzes past — but while Ravelry is for all things fibre, Cut Out and Keep is for even more.

It’s a haven for DIY aficionados, clearly divided into distinct categories and covering virtually every craft you might need scissors for INCLUDING cooking (granted it is mostly just cupcakes with incredible icing, but dig deep enough and you find Garlic and Cheese Focaccia and mini bento boxes). There are all sorts of fantastic tutorials and tips in the projects section, plus a huge range of bath and body stuff, which will be perfect for gifting this holiday season.

However, I think my favourite section is where Ysolda’s pattern is kept: Snippets. Snippets is an online magazine with great interviews with some surprising people (burlesque performers, Adam and Joe, the Crafty Chica) and excellent features (hosting a beer-tasting party, the history of Dias de los Muertos). There are only 12 issues out at the moment, which sucks on the one hand because I’ve now read them all, but is pretty awesome on the other, because I have so many more (hopefully!) to look forward to. The magazine was on hiatus for a bit, due to a move to London*, but they seem to be back in action now.

Regardless, definitely something to get involved in.

* Does this mean they’ll be heading to We Make London?


2 Responses to “cut out and keep”

  1. loutheperson 20 November 2008 at 11:11 am #

    I am meant to be doing a post but i am now looking at cut out and keep! Thanks emmms!


  1. Cat Morley » Blog Archive » Loumms… - 16 December 2009

    […] a nice little mention about CO+K on Loumms. […]

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