sew it up

20 Nov

I have realised that I am one of the worst sewers ever! I absolutley love the design side of it and the completion but I just cant seem to be patient enough to work slowly and with enough concentration to produce something that doesnt look like it was sewn by a five year old. ( although I probably did sew better as a five year old!). So I decided as I needed to make Sia something for her birthday I would sew her a bag. I gave myself two hours to do this and swore to put in the effort required. The result wasn’t bad and it took me way less time than I thought!


 I used the material that I was given by Seline and the button I bought at Knitting and Stitching exhibition to make this gather top bag and the cord is just some left over yarn twisted together and knotted. The effort was worth it as she thought it was shop bought!

I used a back stitch to sew up the sides and a diagonal tack for the cord hem.  I did get a bit frustrated when I got to the top of the bag and realised I had sewn up the hem the cord was going to run through. It probably took me the most time trying to fix this but I am glad I did. I am still rusty on tying in ends but my stitch is getting a lot better. I might check out and see if anyone has a tutorial on cut out and keep!

Now for the cookies to go inside the bag.  Cranberry and Orange were my flavour of choice but they didnt turn out too great. Maybe it was the recipe maybe it was my technique! The recipe I used was off a website called aboutcookies. It is actually a site about internet cookies but they had so many people visiting thinking it was about edible cookies that they decided to post a recipe on there! I thought that was hilarious so tried it out!  They turned out a bit cakey and not chewy enough but still ok enough to eat.


To the bag I added a leather cuff I made a while ago and some dragon fly bracelets and she seemed to be pleased!


One Response to “sew it up”

  1. loumms 20 November 2008 at 12:37 pm #

    Dude! That looks amazing! We should totally do a proper tutorial on how to — that way I can make one too, hurrah!

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