christmas gifting: jar mixes

24 Nov

This year Matthew’s family is doing a Secret Santa thing – an awesome turn of events from previous Christmases wherein all 89 billion members expected something awaiting them under the tree come Yuletide. I’ve got my favourite sister-in-law as my giftee, so I really want to do something special. She’s a lot like me insofar as she appreciates what goes into hand-crafting something. She’s big into the off-kilter, non-standard issue side of things, so I’m going to have heaps of creative freedom to come up with something fabulous.

Not long ago, Robyn at Craftivist posted about jar mixes and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about them ever since. One of the most exciting things about them is that you can really customise your jar, your recipe, your presentation, to the person you’re gifting to. Through Robyn’s post I found Whimsy Nikki who’s posted a whole tutorial on putting one of these babies together. The ones she’s done are focussed on cookie mixes, but there are hundreds of possibilities.

As well as plum chutney and a hand-stitched monster or two, I’m thinking posh salt mixes (with plenty of herbs and spices) and a pestle and mortar, a bath mix (with some soothing essential oils and salts) and maybe even a mix of buttons, ribbons and thread so she’ll always have a pick of delightful crafty embellishments should the need arise.

If you want more ideas, take a look at All Free Crafts, Kitchen Link or even Mormon Chic (?!).


One Response to “christmas gifting: jar mixes”

  1. redfear 25 November 2008 at 3:50 pm #

    Great idea!

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