craft ‘work’

29 Nov

It’s not often that I say this but I had a great week at work! Not really a lot to do with the actual work as we are pretty quiet but to do with the fact that on our breaks the staff room turned into a craft workshop!

There was everything from pinatas to knitted dog coats!

I always knew many of my collegues were creative but had never seem any of their projects. This week has been a chance to not just see what everyone else was working on but to also give and receive advice and support. For instance, Sylvie had been knitting Tracy’s baby a hat but wanted a design on it so Medina drew a picture onto the finished hat and Marta stitched in the pattern. The result was great and everyone got to show off thier skills, although I’m not to sure if it fits baby Jaimie!


Sia finished this bauble wreath for her house


and came up with a great way to display her amazing button collection by turning them into a christmas centre piece that both her and her mam can enjoy every year. (It is one of the greatest button collections I have ever seen! Buttons dating right back to the 40s and 50s given to her by her grandmother.)



Medina fixed up the pinata she made for her daughter’s birthday so Mel could use it for her son Josh’s!

(Tutorial coming soon!)



Bex is knitting a doggy t-shirt for Lou Lou with Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran in bright pink (the dog’s favourite colour). Pictures to come later.

And finally I cut up a leather jacket given to me by my love (she gave it to me to cut up!) and made these cuffs attaching the most 80s style buttons I owned!



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