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30 Nov

Jissa, a new friend of mine on Ravelry had just introduced me to Burdastyle. It is an amazing sewing website similar to Rav with loads of projects, creations and how to’s like how to sew the perfect pleat (with photos)! It also has a sewpedia which is extremly helpful to stupid sewers like myself!

We are a friendly, helpful and active bunch who want to use the web to bring traditional sewing craft to a new generation of fashion designers, sewing hobbyists, DIY’ers and anyone looking to sew something.

Use BurdaStyle to download copyright-free sewing patterns, learn with step-by-step sewing tutorials, share your sewing creations and skills, find inspiration and sewing project ideas and connect with people just like you.

Check it out, I’m going to become a member right now!


2 Responses to “sewing website”

  1. Jissa 30 November 2008 at 9:48 pm #

    hey, glad you like it! I really think Burdastyle should have add a “stash” option, to help people like me organize the boxes full of randomly thrown fabric. oh the joy of sewing…

  2. loutheperson 2 December 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    That would be good! Your fabric stash sounds amazing!
    It is so much hard work to keep everything in any kind of order especially if you are using things quite often!

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