fair craft fayre

5 Dec

Well, after the longest bus journey ever into town I finally made it to Fair Craft Fayre an hour late that planned! It was worth it though!!

There were so many beautiful pieces. One of my favourite stalls was Sari Bari

The name “Sari Bari” comes from two symbols. A sari is the traditional clothing worn by women in India. Saris represent the essence of womanhood. In Bengali, the word bari means “house” or “home.” Our hope is for Sari Bari to be a safe home where women who have been exploited in the sex trade can have their dignity restored and experience a new life in the making.

Each of our products made from the Indian sari is marked with a woman’s name, a woman who now has the opportunity to make a choice for freedom and new life.

They had the most amazing sari’s sewn together to create blankets and bags. I unfortunatly didnt take enough cash with me but will definately be buying from them sometime in the future!

I picked up an elephant purse for my love from the Sally Ann stall which is so cute. I love the fact that its tail hangs off the zip!


There wasnt that much in the way of christmas decorations however at the same stall I got these beautiful baubles which have given me inspiration to make more silver and blue decorations for my tree. I have already ordered the artists wire, beads and paint from ebay and am desperatly waiting for them to arrive!!!


My final purchace happened to be from a group of knitters who work for Steam Cream. A hand cream company which uses the method of steaming the ingredients to bind them together better! I know it sound wierd and I did question it at first but it turns out all their ingredients are from the same company as lush; natural, not tested on animals and are vegan too so all in all they are pretty great. It smells good too!!!


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