hoiday craft madness

12 Dec

Lou’s computer has kind of keeled, poor thing. I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s forced off-line for much longer. It’s been only a day and I already miss her!

Fortunately she only lives down the road so I can see her any time I like. Today, in fact. We met up at just gone 9 in New Cross and trekked out to Lewisham to face the Woollies sales and spend far too much at Reams and Rems, our favourite fabric shop.

The Woollies sales were mental. We got there at maybe twenty past and most of the shelves has already been gutted. However, I did manage to score two silicon cake pans, some cheap baubles and a tea caddy for me, all for under £8. I also picked up a silicon loaf pan for my SIL’s Christmas present, hurrah!

Reams and Rems proved successful as well. We found some incredible fabric in the sale bin, a discontinued line of a tapestry-like upholstery, and some gorgeous teal satin to go with it. As we waited for both of those, plus a couple of yards of linen, to be cut, I found some surprisingly tasteful Christmas fabric which I’m going to use as wrapping instead of paper.

Not bad given we’d only really gone in for some dressmakers’ scissors and chalk!


One Response to “hoiday craft madness”

  1. Laura 12 December 2008 at 1:01 pm #

    You’re very brave for facing Woolworths! I’m too scared to go to the one in West Ealing. The shelves will have probably cleared by tomorrow morning anyway.

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