merry festivus baublage

5 Jan

After many weeks I am finally emerging from the crafty madness that was the holiday season. In 2007 I was remarkably, almost cloyingly, prepared for the holidays. By the end of November I was already halfway through my list. This year, not so much. The 2008 holiday season was full of tears and panic and half-completed gifts flung pettishly on the floor.

I can’t do it again. This year I plan to be prepared, and early. Just a couple of gifties every month. I can do that! And I’ll start with these:


Festive baubles!

I became slightly addicted to knitting up bauble dressings while in the midst of a knitterly panic just before Christmas. Procrastination aside, these are quick and look delightful bedecking the halls and tree alike.

If anyone fancies taking a load off Holiday Season Crafting Insanity 09  and spreading it over the rest of the year, I’ve drawn up the pattern, such as it is, that I used for the sleeves to dress my bauble. You can download the pattern here!


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