hello 2009

7 Jan

Well Christmas/New Year 2008 seemed to come and go without a glitch (except for getting my bag stolen on Xmas Eve!) Everything was done by the 23rd and that is a first for me!

The day consisted of watching ‘The Life Of Mammals’ (a gift from my love) eating cheese and crackers, drinking port and changing the lock on my door! Spending it without my love was pretty depressing however she returned in the evening with my xmas dinner in a tupperware tub which made up for everything!

I was due to spend it with her and her family, but since some completely unfestive idiot took my bag from the pub we were in, I had to babysit the house. I knew I had a spare door lock but for some reason I didn’t keep the keys for it in the same place! Stupid! So after searching the entire house on yuletide morn I resigned myself to the fact that it was safer to stay in! There really isn’t anything worse than experiencing theft in any way what with all the phone calls to cancel cards and key changes, but I was not going to let it spoil my Christmas!

Everything has been replaced now and I found they keys so it’s full steam ahead into 2009!


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