i love sheep!

16 Jan

Whilst updating my Ravelry stash today I came across this beauty I had forgotten all about! ( I love it when that happens, it’s like buying it all over again!)


I bought it off eBay at a great risk! The woman selling it had found it in her stash with no info attached to it and couldn’t remember anything about it so set the bidding at 99p. I ended up winning with a meagre £2.45.

I was going purely off the picture and knowing my luck with eBay yarns ( some good, some v.v.v bad) I feared the worst. However, when the packet arrived I was elated!

Emmms was round at my house for one of our ‘craft’ days and we were practically purring over it!

I do feel bad that the woman got such a bad deal for 330 grams of green wooly gorgeousness but can’t help being pleased for myself that it has a lovely home in my stash just waiting for that perfect project!


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