learning from tutorials(ish)

26 Jan

Lou and I have recently become obsessed with creating the perfect project bag. The simper ones, with the drawstring and the clean straight lines, like the one we sent in the prize pack to Heide, are so much fun because they carry such a high quotient of instant gratification. They can be summarised:


While we (or rather I) should acknowledge our skill level and gradually move up to something like a reversible project bag, or the Apple Picking Tote, or a set of super cute napkins, that isn’t enough. I want more. I want my own box bag. I want a box bag with gorgeous lining and piping. And maybe a cherry on top.

So far my attempts at sewing my project bag (without a tutorial, I might add, because I’m stubborn and stupid and have yet to realise the incompatibility of such traits with sewing) can be summarised:

cut-pin-sew-scratch head as to why it’s not working-find seam ripper

followed by:

repin-sew-wonder why I just made the same mistake as last time instead of following my new plan-find the seam ripper


repin-sew-do it again-fume about craft room until I pass the urge to tear fabric stash to pieces-find seam ripper

and then:

repin-sew-find seam ripper-sew-sob quietly in the corner until someone comes to take the machine away from me

It’s a work in progress.


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