lessons learned

31 Jan

Lesson One: don’t wait until the last minute.

Today was the very last day we in the UK could submit our tax returns and as I only got my activation code (to allow me to do it online) yesterday, I was pushing the deadline just a little!

It took me just over four hours for my non-accountant brain to work out how to navigate through all that jargon, but, with the help of half the people at the Inland Revenue helpdesk, I did it! And guess who the government owes a whopping £63.64? I don’t care how little it is, I’m just glad I don’t owe anything!

After this I have become completely reformed on the importance of receipts. It’s a bit late to start good habits for the 2008/09 tax year, but 2009/10 will be the year of rigorous bookkeeping for Emmms!

Lesson two: celebrate whenever possible!

I spent the afternoon in celebration. I knitted on my February Loumms sock (loving the Malabrigo) and played about with the Eunoia pattern (which is currently being test-knit, hurrah!). Then I went to our local supermarket and bought some sesame seed oil and baking powder so I could make up some of Lou’s fabulous cookies. I think they need be renamed to ‘Heavenly Chocolate Spiced Rum Cookies’ because they are awesome! I polished off three of them as soon as they were cool enough to touch.

In the end I decided to make a half batch of them and a half batch of one of my favourites out of the Veganomicon — the Raspberry Chocolate Cookies — as I listened to a couple of podcasts. Seeing as I had the flour out, I decided some celebratory pizza dough as also in order, so made some of that, too!

Pizza dough is super easy to make and so much nicer home-made than store bought. I must remember to post the recipe for that. But for now, I really ought to be prepping my toppings!


One Response to “lessons learned”

  1. Laura 31 January 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    I, too, am making pizza tonight, although I cheated and let the breadmaker do the kneading. Bad Laura!

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