for jo

13 Feb

When my friend Dr Jo bought me an origami set for Xmas, she made a joke about it becoming a Loumms blog post extravaganza! So here it is, just for you Jo!


This is my first (well, second for the dress) attempt at my origami fashion set! It takes a looooot of concentration! It helps to make the folds exact is when you come to finishing it all of if you haven’t it will be all over the place!

I have always been amazed that people can do this and a lot of the time they do it without instructions!  I never thought I’d be any good, and at the moment it still seems that way, however I am going to keep trying as it is really good fun (albeit slighly annoying when what you have infront of you bears no resemblance to the picture of what you are trying to create!).

So I challenge you all to grab some coloured paper, create an origami piece of your own and post a blog photo! Check out this site for some good links to origami tutorials. I especially like the glasses made out of dollar bills! Daves Origami Emporium looks cool too!

I’m off to find a dinosaur one!


2 Responses to “for jo”

  1. emmms 15 February 2009 at 2:49 pm #

    I can’t believe how tiny they are in person — I really thought the shoe was going to be so much bigger! Cool stuff, though. I need to get me some origami paper!

  2. Jo 28 February 2009 at 6:45 pm #

    I’m just wondering when your famous recipe for button and origami soup will appear my dear?
    Glad to hear I havent released some horrid paper folding monster here – please use your powers only for good and not evil. Paper cuts are no laughing matter… xx

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