expanding the indoor garden

19 Feb

I know, today I was supposed to be posting another segment on how to use DPNs, but I can’t let this wait! It’s all far too exciting. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been pawing through my collection of seeds over breakfast and sneaking away from my work in the afternoons to prep seeds ready for sowing.

On the sowing front, I’ve got down seeds for cress, strawberries, thyme, lavender, yellow zucchini, peas, tomatoes and eggplant, though there’s nothing much to see yet other than pots and pots of soil.


I have plans to sow some flower seeds in a couple of pots for my concrete garden at the front of our house and further plans for potatoes, garlic and butternut squash (although thise year I’m going to be VERY WATCHFUL, seeing as last year someone broke the stem just as it was starting to flower and killed it, grr).

I’ve also been getting in some repotting while waiting for my lunch to heat up. In particular, a very sorry beet, which I badly neglected over the winter and am hoping to revive.


(What you can’t see is the section of root that is all dried and shrivelled, acting like a chain between two relatively healthy bits. The two relatively healthy bits do look like they might pull through, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)

I also repotted my strawberry plants. Don’t they look lovely?


They’re still quite wee, but I’ve grown them from seed so they’re a bit of a special project. I was late sowing last summer — perhaps in July? — so I still haven’t had a harvest from them, but they’ve really taken strength over the winter and appear to be flourishing. I’m looking forward to seeing if the new strawberry manages to come up as nicely. It’ll be marvellous if they actually fruit!


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