using dpns — joining in the round, k2tog

3 Mar

This is the fourth in a series of comments on how to use double-pointed needles and it is super late. I’ve had this puppy nearly ready to go for nearly two weeks, and I’ve only got myself (and the stack of work piled up around me due to prolific procrastination techniques) to blame. In any case, as I’ve said in the other three segments on using DPNs, if you’ve looked at the patterns in the Loumms Year of Socks, you’ll see we are huge fans of using multiple needles for tubular projects. We’re also very much aware that if you’re new to knitting in the round, ‘joining’ can seem like the biggest obstacle of all.

Having covered how to cast on and one method of joining in the round, I’m going to dive right in here and go straight for a second method. For this one you want 1 extra stitch cast on than the instructions call for. Shape the needles, with the working yarn above and to the back while the tail is below and to the front.


Slip the last stitch from the RH needle onto the tip of the LH needle.


Next, insert your needle through the front as if to knit into both the stitch you’ve just slipped and the first stitch on the LH needle.


Knit these two stitches together. The rest is as normal with a k2tog: the new stitch follows through onto the RH needle and the worked stitches are dropped.


Then you just follow the pattern. It feels kind of awkward for the first could of rounds, but once the fabric stabilises, you’ll be flying.

There’s one more method of joining in the round that’s just as simple and effective to cover, then I’ll move on to my never going to use another way, all time favourite,very bestest toe-up cast on and join. Yeehaw!


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