piaf, wine, yarn

6 Mar


I just thought I would share  my thursday night/friday morning  music of choice.



I should be knitting but I am not!

I am on the computer, drinking wine and I am listening to Edith Piaf  as well as buying Cheap Vintage Yarn from ebay!

I have bid on and won a couple of skeins of random yarn of which I know nothing about and I am so excited about it! I love the suspense and the  fact that it could arive and be amazing or I could have some more to add to my ‘never buy yarn from ebay again’ pile!

There are also these Vintage Mens socks for £0.99 from the same seller! With only 22 hours to go and no bids!!!

Shame the photo doesnt show a bit more detail! Still what a bargain! And unworn!


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