springtime in chianti – lyos march 2009

7 Mar


Pattern: Springtime in Chianti, by erqsome knits

Yarn: Lustre Merino Sock by indieknits yarns (370 yds/100 g)

Needles: 2.5 mm DPNs

Late by one day, but not forgotten! Lou and I are pleading ‘LGIW’ (life got in the way) for the month of March, and while we’re annoyed we haven’t got everything together in time, I can’t say either of us regret the decision. Hopefully you’ll find the patterns make up for it! Lou’s are AWESOME (but I’ve promised not to say any more than that until she gets them up) and I think these might we’ll be my favourites so far.

My socks, ‘Springtime in Chianti’, began high up on a mountain road in Tuscany. Originally they were going to be my commemorative knitting project to celebrate Matthew and my first proper holiday in what felt like years. We had taken our tent over to Italy, with only a road map and dreams of freedom to guide us. And for a few short days, it really did feel as though Italy was our oyster. Italy, however, wanted no part in our adventure.


After we left Stia, a small village in the province of Arezzo, we were plagued by one mishap after another – incomprehensible oneway systems in cities, surprise Umbrian tollbooths, sleepless nights on the side of the road in a Roman suburb, careening around endless Alpine corners only to end up in the only British settlement in Italy, getting to our next campsite only to find it was closed… There were good times mixed in (swimming in a fresh mountain lake and seeing the Sistine Chapel being just two of them), but after yet another setback in Emilia Romagna, we had had it.

Feeling like we’d never escape with our sanity if we didn’t, we fled back to the sanctity of Tuscany – back to the mediaeval towns and villages of Siena, Pratovecchio and Bibbiena;  the soft dense mists of the mountains; the hidden monasteries; the reassuring sight of rolling vineyards and olive groves. Back to the alchemy of good wine and heavy, earthy bread dressed only in olive oil and the feeling all would for ever be well. In Tuscany, on the very last two days of our Italian tour, we finally felt like we could relax.

Topped with a Gothic Chalice cuff, these socks seek to emulate the winding roads, the awe-inspring architecture and the ancient, undulating landscape of the Tuscany we fell in love with.


‘Springtime in Chianti’ is the seventh pattern to be released under the Loumms Year of Socks. It is available on Ravelry as a free download, or you can download the pattern here.

*****Please note!*****

I completely neglected to include a chart legend. I’ll upload a revised version soon, but until then, this is it:

the space = k
the dot = p
/ = k2tog
\ = ssk
o = yo

Please note that while we’ve done our best to make sure there are no errors, we can’t guarentee there aren’t any. If you find something that looks amiss, get in touch! We’ll be posting updates if we find any, but we are always grateful for feedback of any sort.

2 Responses to “springtime in chianti – lyos march 2009”

  1. risiko 9 March 2009 at 12:38 am #

    it may very well take me 10 years to work my way through the lyos, (i have the attention span of a kitten) but i can’t think of a better way to spend them. oh the gorgeousness of these socks !
    thank you once again for making them available to this sockaholic.

  2. Roobeedoo 9 March 2009 at 2:05 pm #

    Not quite keeping up… but definitely one for the queue!

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