poor poor carrots

21 Mar

I failed my first carrot seedlings of the year!!!!

At the beginning of the week I took all my seedings on a trip through the house to the front window sill. This position I now placed them in has to be the sunniest spot and as they were all doing so well and the weather was glorious I decided to give them thier first taste of outdoor life.


Since then most of them have been thriving. My chillies popped their little heads out after almost two weeks ( I was almost starting to give up faith!) and my golden peppers are growing well too.  The rocket I planted last sunday is shooting up nicely and my basil is looking so cute. 

I do think however that my tomato plants are happier being inside now they are ‘breathing’ but once they have developed a bit more strength and I have re-potted them I will be putting it right back with the others!


My only downfall has been my carrots.

The way they were:


I feel so bad as they were doing so well. I think to begin with they just wer’nt strong enough to stand being outside, that plus the fact that moving them everyday through the house was too much and then possibly getting too dry once they were outside. I also think that I have been watering them too much. I had read that as seedlings they didnt need much water but as they were drying out I ended up over-compensating!

Three have given up already and I am hoping and praying that the rest of them get stronger as I am now just going to leave them alone!!!!!!!

I am also going to plant some more on monday so will now do things a lot differently!! They didnt die in vain!!!


2 Responses to “poor poor carrots”

  1. emmms 21 March 2009 at 10:50 pm #

    NO! Lou, that’s gutting! Are they at least salvagable? Maybe a couple of them?

  2. walterknitty 25 March 2009 at 4:46 am #

    Too bad. It’s still early in the season and hopefully the new ones will work out better. If it makes you feel any better I’ve had tomatoes, peppers, and some herbs fail already.

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