they survived!

7 Apr

Wow it has been a busy two weeks! However in that time not only did my carrots come back to life but they are thriving! And I the second batch of carrot seeds I planted have already shown their heads!


garden070409-002     garden070409-0011


Paris Market                                                       


I re-potted them in larger containers, ones they can fully grow in, and they seem to like it. Using the tollet rolls paid off as I was just able to prepare the soil, pick up the roll and place it in to the pot. I then padded it out with more soil, gave it a good water and set it down. I havn’t moved them at all since then and it seems like that is the way to do it!

The rest of my garden is loving the nice april weather too.

I also re-potted the tomatoes in some tomato grow. They were so delicate, when I was pricking them out I was sure they were just going to collapse but they were stronger than I thought! I think I need a little bit more faith in my baby seedlings! The other thing I have noticed (and am not sure if it is the right thing for them to be doing!) is that they have sort of stabilizer leaves. They seem like training leaves that once the second set of leaves are fully grow they drop off! It happened to both the seelings I planted so ill wait and see if it happens to the new ones too! If that is the case it is pretty cool!









The following are all from seeds sown 21 March and they are all coming up roses!








One pot Tomato and Basil 


I have sown courgette too but they havnt woken up yet!


One Response to “they survived!”

  1. emmms 7 April 2009 at 2:36 pm #

    Look at your carrots! I can’t wait for you to see mine. They’re really starting to look like proper plants!

    Oooh, and you’ve reminded me. I need to post that post about pricking out. I’ve photos and everything!

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