ferned from the wind

17 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I bought some fern screening from my local garden centre, to protect my plot (as it were) from when it gets too gusty out. The screen came in a roll and it took Matthew and I about an hour to unkink and mould to our liking.


There were quite a few to choose from, but the fern seemed the most durable for what I could afford. The screen itself is made up of lengths of fern (shoots? twigs? bits, we’ll go with fern bits) woven together with a medium-thick wire. The fern seems a bit delicate so we did all we could to secure it in place. Fortunately the mortar in the wall behind it is giving enough that we could nail some clips to it, to make the whole thing a bit more stable,


We used a couple of posts, secured to the screening with a couple of those tags that you use to keep cables from getting tangled,


and tied it down at either end with some twine, using the neighbour’s fence on one side and a conveniently placed rusty nail on the other.


Finally, it’s weighted at the bottom with a piece of door frame rescued from my downstairs neighbours’ remodelling, which you can just see sliding out from behind the planters.


Thus far I’m really pleased with it. It makes the garden feel like a real garden and offers that extra bit of protective from the elements, which means I can keep some of my more delicate plants, like my tomatoes, outside.

ETA: Can you tell when I took those first pictures? Oh, how I long for the days with a bit of sun…


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