poor kittens

20 Apr

We’ve been having problems with the latch to our back window for ages. The mechanism is a bit knackered; it keeps getting knocked out of place because the whole contraption loosens. It doesn’t take too much to fix: just oil the lock and readjust the screws to tighten it back into place. However, the window’s our two cats’ portal to the outdoors, in place of a catflap — we live on the first floor, they jump onto the roof under our window, down the tree and into the garden below — so the window gets a lot of action.

Because of this, the metal bit on the inside of the latch has started to bend out of shape, and I’m beginning to think we might need to replace it altogether. We could probably leave it a bit longer, but when the lock breaks down and you don’t have time to fix it right away,


you’re left with two cats chasing birds from inside the window.


And that’s good for no one.


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