medieval baking and a spot of knitting

22 Apr

I think all but the Bo Peep post have been about gardening this month, which is most unusual and rather deceptive. Unfortunately, all the cooking I’ve been doing gets eaten before I get a chance to take any pictures. Especially at Easter! Home-made hot cross buns and a delicious Mediterranean pie were on the menu, as well as spiced carrot trenchers and simple purple sprouted broccoli and pine nut tartlets. I suppose this just means I’ll have to make them again. Oh, the lengths I’ll go for you!

I’ve been doing heaps of knitting as well. I’ve started to catch up on last year’s Socktopus Sock Club, with Anna Bell‘s Hopscotch,


in the official Toadstool colourway from Brooklyn Handspun. I love this yarn! It’s got a great handle and the colourway is surprisingly subtle and exciting to watch all at the same time. I’ve started the toe of the second, so hopefully will have the pair finished sometime next week. I also finally readjusted the shoulders on Matthew’s skinny boy cardi.


(Sorry for the poor picture quality; he was already late for soundcheck and would not have been impressed if I’d started faffing about with settings.) It’s still not quite right; the neckline is still too low and in truth it fits me better than him. So he’s getting a new one. Two new ones. One to replace this one, which I have commandeered (well, it does fit me better after all), and a second one in Gothic Rose and Cloud Jungle so I can start test-knitting the pattern and stick it up somewhere.

I already know what changes I’m going to make to the shoulders, but I kind of hope they don’t turn out quite right either… Dream in Colour Smooshy does make an awfully lovely cardi.


3 Responses to “medieval baking and a spot of knitting”

  1. Ali 22 April 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    Oh my god, since when did Matthew look like David Tennant’s Dr. Who?

    Awesome! :D

  2. loutheperson 23 April 2009 at 10:09 am #

    Ha Ha he really does!

  3. emmms 23 April 2009 at 10:10 am #

    I don’t see it myself, but you should totally meet Matthew’s brother who is a dead ringer (if slightly chubbier) David Tennant and frequently manages to convince his friends’ children that he is indeed THE REAL Dr Who, here on a secret mission against that Daleks and in need of help. (That sound was the screams of delight as they run around looking under cars and hedges for signs of intergalactic menace.)

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