free gifts from the garden

13 May

Whilst I was out in the garden on friday having a bit of a tidy up I came across these beauties!

garden070508 014

A giant mushroom and a very tiny potato!

I was just amazed! Bear in mind that I have never, in my two years of being at this flat, planted mushrooms or potatoes!!!!!

Last year I found a very large mushroom on the lawn and just put it down to one of the cats but since coming across this one I am really going to consider starting my own mushroom farm as the garden obviously hold the right environment to do this! Me and emmmms were checking out the mushroom kits a while ago in the garden centre so another trip over there might be on the cards!

When I showed it to my neighbour I found out that her brother in law own his own mushroom farm! How fab!

She has also given me a small waterfall which fits perfectly in the currenlty unused (well apart from it being a bit of a litter tray for the cats) back of my garden!

I am now on the case recearching how to install a water pump and pond! So off to freecycle to see if anyone has an unwanted pump!!!!!


2 Responses to “free gifts from the garden”

  1. loumms 13 May 2009 at 3:31 pm #

    We need to find a mushroom specialist to see if we can eat that baby! I know you said it was big but that’s HUGE!

  2. loumms 13 May 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    And where did that potato come from? Haha!

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