bank holiday blues

26 May

I was not looking forward to this back holiday as I knew I was going to have to work the whole thing (which I havn’t done in about three years) however due to the glorious weather I managed to get out in to the garden during the day ( the one and only benefit of working nights!) and get some long over due work done.

I have been doing it all in bits and bobs here and there when the weather has been good but it needed a good blitz.

At the beginning of this month I planted out some of my vege in the veggie patch I constructed a few months ago (pictures on their way soon!)

Here are my garlic, brocolli, courgettes, peppers and strawberrys on the 07/05/09

garden070508 003

Coriander, lettuce (under the plastic), thyme and parsley 07/05/09

garden070508 007

Chocolate mint, English Mint, Basil (under the bottles), and oregano 07/05/09

garden070508 008

Potatoes 07/05/09

garden070508 005

Fennel 07/05/09

garden070508 006

And here they all are today:

garden&pond260509 004

Veggie Bed

garden&pond260509 003

I have strawberries!

garden&pond260509 002

I found out that I could not drill a hole in my window frame to get the electricity running through for my waterfall (one of the pitfalls of renting!) so I decided instead to turn the waterfall itself into a pond! All it needs now is the introduction of some oxygenators and the surrounding rockery planted and it will be up and running. I really hope my solar lights work as I think it will give a really good effect!

garden&pond260509 001

Also my front beds are filling up (with snail food apparently but the pots of lager seem to be keping them at bay) and the cats have so far left them all alone!

garden&pond260509 006

Having bill and karen either side with their exceptional gardens is really inspiring me to keep going and get this garden to look and work the best it can and I cant say I complain much when their hard work creeps its way into mine!

garden&pond260509 009

garden&pond260509 010


One Response to “bank holiday blues”

  1. emmms 26 May 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    It looks fantastic! I should post some of my before and after pictures, too.

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