strawberries and beans

30 May


I’ve been watching that big one since it was but a flower, and now it has friends! The other night I was joking with Matthew that I might get a whole half-punnet of strawberries this year. And I was proper chuffed about that, too. Now I’m thinking I might get a whole whole-punnet!!



Last year I had no luck with beans at all. This was primarily because I was trying to grow them indoors, with only partial sun and companion planting with garlic — not exactly the right conditions! This year I wasn’t going to bother, but on our last trek out to the Dulwich garden centre with Lou I saw these wee beany sprouts and they were only £1.49, so I figured I might as well try them. Then they were just a couple of teeny leaves, now they’ve got pods! Pods!


My concrete garden!

I really need to do a proper garden update like Lou did the other day, because there’s an awful lot that’s happening! It must wait, however, as I’m off to Robynn‘s and the first Purlescence Open House since wee Claudia was born — talk about things growing, she’ll be a huge proper baby now!!


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