broccoli kicked out of bed

7 Jun

So after reading Emma’s post about companion planting links and a lot of google searching I came to the conclusion that I should definitely move my broccoli plants out of the shared bed.

They were sharing with peppers, strawberries and courgettes and even though some websites said that this was OK, the main bunch of them said avoid so out they came.

The broccoli went into a large trough.

garden070609 004

At the same time I also moved the peppers as I think they could do with a bit more sun and also so in the winter I can move them inside.

garden070609 001

To replace the huge gap in the shared bed I have just sown some more carrots, some parsnips and two pumpkin seed! These combinations I have researched and it turns out they can sleep very well together!

garden070609 005

Today the tomato plants got re-potted and placed in the sunniest position, the front window!

Two are now living in pots of their own:

garden070609 009

garden070609 010

and one is continuing to live with the basil.

garden070609 011

I also re-potted my spinach and planted some more rocket as my last lot died a horrible death.

I thought if I just left them to grow then I could harvest a hugh amout at once, this does not seem to be the way! Emmms said with her last lot she did the same with and it died too so this time she just cut a few leaves a day and now it is flourishing! That is what I will do!

garden070609 003


2 Responses to “broccoli kicked out of bed”

  1. emmms 7 June 2009 at 4:05 pm #

    It looks awesome! I repotted my last tomato today — it’s the zucchini tomorrow (eep!). I have to get some pictures up!

  2. loutheperson 7 June 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    yeah do!!!

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