things in my garden

12 Jun

The provisional cast-on tutorial for toe-ups on DPNs I’ve been planning will have to wait until tomorrow because this morning I found a carrot in my garden.


I was watering the carrot tub and some earth shifted and suddenly there it was! A real carrot!


I nearly fainted, because when I looked up there was a teeny green tomato on my Romano!


And then I noticed how much my red onions are starting to swell!


What makes this all even more exciting is that yesterday I discovered zucchini flowers had started blooming, and with them a very small zucchini!


And today, at long last I’m going to harvest the first my my strawberries — I was going to do it last weekend, but then the weather turned so I decided to wait a few more days until the sun came out and rounded off the ripening.

I can’t believe how healthy my garden is looking these days. Even the mystery flowers (from some mixed seeds I sowed back in April) has taken off.


Of course, now the slugs will take over completely or it’ll be ravaged by wild bears or the council will decide it’s violating zoning by-law 1231097046, but on this day in June my little patch of concrete is looking like a real garden!


2 Responses to “things in my garden”

  1. Laura 12 June 2009 at 1:46 pm #

    It’s looking gorgeous! I need to plan out my garden, although I’ll probably wait until next year to do much with it.

    I need to check the strawberries in my parents’ garden though as I noticed them ripening the other day.

  2. walterknitty 12 June 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Have you ever tried putting out beer for slugs? My Mom has used beer to kill slugs for years. Jeff, the neighbour across the courtyard, puts a little cup of beer in his poppy pot to kill slugs. Slugs love beer (it doesnt have to be good beer, any beer will do, Jeff uses PBR) they will go into the dish of beer and drown. He usually gets several slugs (not counting the ones he assists) every day.

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