fabulous gifts

22 Jun

Wow, everyone came out with some amazing gifts today for my birthday! I am so happy with them all!

First of all, my love bought me three delicious bottles of vino to start my longed for wine collection, consisting of 2 Campo Viejo rioja —  one dated 2002 — and a Berberana crianza. Mmmmm!

birthday 002

She addad to my knitting book collection with Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and improved my garden experience with two sun loungers,

birthday 005

and got me the best card of the day!

birthday 011

My wonderful family all sent me money towards my garden which I used to buy a chiminea

birthday 006

and the reed screening to hide the unsightly back of the garden.

birthday 008

My incredibly talented sister Jen made me these ceramic buttons,

birthday 010

and my hilarious sister Jessica, who so gets my sense of humour, sent my a box of Tetley red bush(!) and a wine rack to hold my vintage wine collection!


A great day! Thanks, everyone!


One Response to “fabulous gifts”

  1. emmms 23 June 2009 at 6:44 pm #

    Those buttons look so cool!!!! She has to teach us how to do it — do you think she’d do a tutorial to post here? That would be awesome.

    The chiminea is so cute! I was expecting something huge, but it’s all wee and lovely! The screening looks fab, too. Well done with the garden!

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