still unfurling

22 Jun

Today doesn’t feel like much of a Monday. It’s still too heavy with the remnants of an unusually relaxing weekend.

Because both Matthew and I work from home, weekends normally roll out of weekbeginnings without much fanfare. But this weekend was different. In keeping with my InSpyNoMo project, all I seem to do lately is read, so Saturday we curled up on the couch to read together. I finished off one spy novel and instead of picking up a new one, luxuriated in an Agatha Christie. It was very naughty, but well worth it.

Saturday evening we had the pleasure of feasting on home-made curry, thanks to Lou’s Love at their house. It was marvellous. Aneet’s been slipping me family secrets on how to build a perfect curry for years but I’ve never quite managed to pull it off. One day I’m going to have to plant myself in their kitchen to watch how it’s really done. Drunken instructions on the back of a beer-soaked napkin don’t really cut it. We’ve got Aneet’s recipe for Spicy Rice here, but I’m hoping Lou might do some arm-twisting and get the recipe for Punjabi rajmah (red kidney bean and potato curry) because that just blew my mind.

All this meant that Sunday was exceedingly lazy. Matthew and I flopped about in bed for much of it. We read and ate and drifted off and generally took full advantage of the fact it was Sunday. Later Matthew headed over to the Kentish Borders to fete his father and I stayed at home to read some more, feast on the leftovers Lou sent me home with, bake an upside-down plum cake and knit well into the evening.

It’s almost too bad I hadn’t seen Princess Pea’s granny squares, otherwise I’d have spend most of the day at Crochet Cabana figuring out how to wield my hook. Perhaps I’ll pencil that in for next Sunday’s activities.

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