plans in remaking

25 Jun

Pattern-stalking has been my modus operandi for the past few days, though unusually not knitting patterns. In particular, Marie, the Shirred Pillowcase Top, the Twenty-minute Skirt and these deliciously Cheeky Panties.

Lou and I went over to Lewisham for a quick visit to Rolls and Rems earlier this week and I found some fab fabrics in the discount bin — a lush pinstripe and a divine silk blend, more than 4 metres in total for £6! However, I don’t really have any fabric at home that I could use to muck about with trial runs before I use the ‘good’ stuff. So yesterday I hopped to my local second-hand shops and picked up a few things.

Almost all of my favourite garments were bought ‘re-made’ — a sleeveless cowl made from an old t-shirt, a sweater made from a woollen jumper and an old sweatshirt, a skirt made from an old curtain. Yet in spite of my predilection for keeping things out of the landfill, I don’t have much clothing that I remade myself. (This is mostly because I rather like my collection of daft vintage tees and don’t have much lying about that I could bear parting with in the name of rewardrobing.)

Fortunately, my thrift-shop trip was rather successful. My local second-hand shops are pretty lame in terms of interesting t-shirts, but I found an XL one that felt nicely worn in with a picture of the Colosseum. I also picked up a massive polkadotty duvet cover and a skirt that’s miles too big for me with a pretty floral print.

As I type I’m in the process now of laundering and unpicking, ready for some remaking action. They should yield enough material to give me a plentiful margin of error!

(PS, Lou, our yarn came! It’s awesome!!! Come by tomorrow to pick yours up or I’ll swing round in the afternoon, hurrah!)


One Response to “plans in remaking”

  1. Sharon 26 June 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see the results of this. I have a few shirts with cute patterns that are past their best, but I can’t bear to throw them when they can probably be re-used.

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