weekend harvest

17 Jul

Last weekend I had my first harvest of the year!

garden120709 022

What a momentous occasion! Emmms mentioned when she arrived at my house last Friday that she dug up her potatoes and they were huge, immediately I grabbed my spade and ran out into the garden.

After setting the potato pot in the middle of the garden and moving about the top layer of soil I began to get a bit nervous. I had to smoke two cigarettes and drink half of my celebratory beer before I could go back to it, but once I did I was amazed.

garden120709 021

Slowly I began scooping out the soil so as not to damage any of my crop but as soon as I unearthed that first spud in went my hands and the rest just jumped out at me. What a harvest it was. Ranging from as big as you would get in the supermarket to so small it was easy to miss, I pulled up a total of twelve potatoes!

garden120709 018

It is mind-boggling how these all appeared from three little tubers planted back in March!

And I still have another pot to dig up!!!

On Sunday me and my love enjoyed my fresh harvest as an accompaniment to a traditional Sunday roast chicken.

garden120709 025

What flavour!

I parboiled the potatoes,  sprinkled on some parsley and thyme from my herb garden and roasted them for 35 minutes in the oven: crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the middle! Perfection!


One Response to “weekend harvest”

  1. Jan 17 July 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    We have been harvesting our potatoes as well first time we’ve grown them so we are well impressed just as you are, well done.
    Nice to read in your blog you had 2 cigaretts and a beer a normal person in my book as I also have a smoke and drink beer, refreshingly different from the pious comes from a “non-smoking, pet free house” quoted by so many people you are without doubt a crafter after my own heart keep it up girl. Janxx

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