victorian crochet

20 Jul

Last month for my birthday I was given this fantastic book Victorian Crochet by my friend Sandell. It is a compilation, published in 1974, of the Nineteen Series of Weldon’s Practical Crochet.

victoriancrochet 006

These individual magazines were originally published, circa 1895, as a series of newsletters sold on subscription for 2s 6d and posted free to any part of the world!

The phone number of the company was 2745!


If anything was going to make me finally learn how to crochet more than a straight line then this is the book to do it!

The ladies Opera Hoop and Collarette is definitely something to aspire too, maybe in about 10 years time I will be able to post my finished product!

It requires “6oz of white and 2oz of a pale shade of greeny-blue giant wool, and a large wooden crochet needle the size to measure 1 1/2 inches round”!

victoriancrochet 001

It is filled with 500 different patterns and many different techniques, the following only being a few of my favourites!

victoriancrochet 002

Bulgarian Head-dress

victoriancrochet 003

Baby's Pilch

victoriancrochet 004

Dorothy Frock, for a child of four

victoriancrochet 005

Ladies' Jacket

Wow, I think I need to take a step back and begin with a small square!


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