home-grown carrot cake!

4 Aug

One of the stalls at the Urban Village Fete was this incredible cake stand. I can’t seem to remember what the name of it was, but they had this blueberry bundt cake that made me drool: perfectly round, covered in buttercream frosting and speckled with plump almost purple blueberries! Unfortunately, it was all eggified, so I could enjoy none of it…


And then I downloaded the latest offerings from Vegan A-Go-Go and lo! Jess was making carrot cake! She must have read my mind; I’ve been dreaming about carrot cake for months, and now my carrots are ready for harvest I had no choice.


Cake might not have been our original plan for the Grown Your Own Soup seeds, but I have no regrets about this one. Delicious!


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  1. grow your own soup kits « loumms - 7 May 2010

    […] If you want to see these seeds in action before you buy, look no further! We’ve been blogging about the herbs and veggies we’ve been growing using these seeds ever since we started. This year’s garden is well under way, so keep coming back for our experiences in nurturing healthy veggies in the city. In the meantime, check out some of our posts of last year’s harvest in action with some home-grown pizza toppings and delicious carrot cake! […]

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