craft nouveau and buttons!

13 Aug

Just discovered two fantastic crafty things that I had to share:

CraftNouveau — interviews with crafters, crafty spotlights, redirects to tutorials, love! It’s both well-researched and well-written AND it’s interactive, as in they actually take submissions from its readers to keep its wealth of inspiration deep and wide and covered in trimmings. Bliss! I could spend hours on this site just going through the archives.

Oh! I Like That — found via CraftNouveau, this UK-based creative maven is everything I want to be when I grow up. She offers up heaps of incredible tutorials, including this fantastic button tutorial (this is how I will now spend this weekend and every weekend to come), as well as wee snippets into her life.

She has an Etsy shop, too, where she sells buttons and other lovelies, that is when she’s not fresh back from/holidaying in Australia. Regardless, I’ve put her in the Made by Loumms faves so that we can order some of her buttons as soon as she gets back!

These sites make me wish I could stay at home all day just making things. Wouldn’t that rule?


One Response to “craft nouveau and buttons!”

  1. Jessica B. 21 September 2009 at 3:04 am #

    So awesome to see you’re enjoying the finds at CraftNouveau! How cool of you to blog about it, too! You rock! Stay crafty!

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