one day to go!!

13 Aug

You know when you have to keep reminding yourself to breathe? That’s pretty much been me all week. What with the Sherbert Toe Socks and the twisted ankle and the snagging of Meghan‘s idea to freeze fresh fruit into pre-prepped pie filling and the last few rows of the Socktopus Mystery Shawl to go, you’d think I’d be keeping myself distracted.

But no!

This is one crafter who can barely contain herself with excitement. Made by Loumms! It’s opening TOMORROW!

I spent much of yesterday afternoon arranging skeins of yarn in piles to photograph our Moth Banishment sachets, and fixing up a pretty grooving backlight thing (and losing my vocabularly in the process), and desperately wishing the damn rain would stop so I could get out and take pictures of our aprons in action!

Of course, we’re probably going to have to retake everything with Lou’s camera, because mine is rather knackered these days, but doesn’t this project roll look pretty? Those buttons  just make me drool!


Too bad the picture’s just that teeny bit out of focus (and it’s a bit dark and it’s unironed and I think there’s a hair on it! Eurgh!) to render it largely unusable. Ah well, practice makes perfect, right? What about this one?


Better, me thinks. And still more with the awesome red buttons!

Gah! One day to go! And there’s still so much to do!

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