26 Aug

Earlier this week, we decided to open up a second branch of Made by Loumms, a UK-based sister store to our Etsy original.

The only real downside to Etsy, as a UK-based buyer and seller, is that it deals exclusively in American dollars, which is fine in theory, but can be really frustrating when you’re not sure how much the exchange rate is, or (worse) if your bank then penalises you for the conversion.

Because of this we’ve been including the price in pounds in the description for each of our items on our Etsy shop, so our UK customers don’t have to do the math; but now we’ve decided to go a step further and open a Folksy shop as well, which is entirely UK-based and thus entirely in UK currancy, hurrah!

We’re keeping the same name, Made by Loumms, and we’re going to stock all the same sorts of things, though we wouldn’t object to move items between shops if one were to see something in one but wanted to buy through the other.

Hopefully, having the two shops will make things a little easier for people in the UK, like blogless Phil who went ahead and reserved all three of the aprons we put up, hurrah! Thanks, Phil!!


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