we have bags!!!!!

26 Aug


We have bags!!!!! (You know I’m excited because normally I am highly reserved with my exclamations, using no more than one exclamation point at a time. However if ever there was an exception to that rule, this is it! Bags!!!!!! BAGS!!!!!)

Ahem. We have bags, and they are finally up for sale over on our Etsy shop (and soon to be up on our Folksy shop, too)! Our knitting bags are probably my favourite thing ever, except for growing my own eggplant and psychoanalysing spy novels. The very first one I put together has not been out of use since I snipped the thread of the last button. This, the button I mean, might explain why I love my knitting bag so: it combines one of my favourite fabrics ever (light canvas Echino, bliss!) and my obsession with buttons.


I have a LOT of buttons. This is as much because they are practical and beautiful as because I seem to have a knack for finding them. It’s a bit like small children’s toys and figurines, I find them everywhere: buses, street corners, park benches, wedged into ticket machines at the train station… My main bag is consequently full of buttons and small dinosaurs holding flags.

Fortunately, Lou’s love of buttons equals my own and thus we spend a goodly amount of time squeeing and jumping and generally wetting our pants over our button collections. Just as our love of gardening has translated into our Grow Your Own kits and our love of knitting had morphed into a sea of goofy patterns, our love of buttons now adorns the knitting bags.


It’s a pretty lovely bonus that this love means a completely snagless closure for a bag intended for carrying delicate bits of yarn! We were a little reticent about using buttons for the closure at first, because we weren’t sure if the gaps between each one would mean things would slip out, but actually the buttons create a nice snug fastening that pulls both sides of the bag together like a magnet. So the bags aren’t just pretty-pretty but they’re pretty-practical, too!

owl inside_edited

Let us know what you think! We’ve only got a couple up at the moment, but we’ve more to come!


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