buttons vintage, badges made

29 Aug

Made by Loumms now also carries buttons! Buttons!!!


It might come as a bit of a surprise to hear that Lou and I are obsessed with buttons. (It does, doesn’t it?) We use buttons for everything — had we gone with zippers or drawstrings for our project bags, our families would have probably staged an intervension because SOMETHING was wrong. We would be totally at home in a Buttons Anonymous group, except we don’t want to give up the addiction. We’d just be there scouting for other people’s stash that they’ll eventually have to give up during the 12-step programme.


I think some of my favourite moments of bonding with people like YogicKnitter and Shazrazzamatazz and KnitPippa have been in the careful picking over of fabulous buttons — occasionally for a real purpose, but just as frequently for the pretty. In fact, in addition to discovering how much we both love making things, or at least figuring out how to make things, one of the very first things that made Lou and I realise ours was a friendship for the ages was our love of buttons.


And then last week Lou discovered she could make button badges. And our whole world just flipped.


And then she discovered that applying that technology, she could make buttons. And our world started sparking like a Catherine Wheel on crack. Adventures in button making to follow.


One Response to “buttons vintage, badges made”

  1. Larissa 1 September 2009 at 1:15 am #

    Yay for buttons! My stash of buttons is the only thing that outstrips my stash of yarn these days. I don’t know how you can part with any to sell in your shop!

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