interweave weekend knits preview

2 Sep

I had some high hopes for this special issue, particularly given the last issue of IK and the AMAZING new KnitScene (which I doubt I will ever get a copy of, sigh — I’m just not fast enough), and there are some things here that I like.

Pam Allen’s gorgeous Grace Cowl just looks so wonderfully cosy, the mere picture of it makes me feel snug and warm. The Sailor’s Rib Sweater is adorable and has me both wondering if I could upsize it and scouting about for small children in need of clothing. The Mohair Pillow is delightful, and makes a fine use of big buttons.

But, as with the summer Twist Collective, I rather feel the styling leaves a bit to be desired. There are so many interesting and frankly beautiful pattern in here that are either being modelled on the wrong shape or shown under a funny light. For many they seem to have chosen the least flattering picture of the bunch as the main pic. And this ruins it.

I’m all too aware that I’m not expert on this and that Lou and I can take pretty rubbish pictures of our stuff in our excitement to share it. But styling really can make or break a piece. While I’ve never had any plans to knit an apron, I might well make one if I could look as cute a Katie Himmelberg I just might. Conversely, looking seven months’ pregnant when I’m not is not a look I’m going for (bottom right is the worst offender AND it’s the main pic). This last piece kind of makes me mad, because it’s doing such a disservice to an inspiring garment and a beautiful model.


2 Responses to “interweave weekend knits preview”

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