endangered spaces

5 Sep

In a smallish flat, space, or rather a lack of it, can be pretty pressing. Can they be saved with a series of floating shelves? Perhaps, perhaps…

We don’t own our flat, so there’s only so much we can do around the place without having to put it all back EXACTLY AS IT WAS when we leave. But even so. Invisible shelves would be pretty awesome.

Mind you, I’m not sure I could part with a book like that. I like them all too much! However, we do have plenty of beer bottles in the recycling bin, so maybe these shelves from Instructables would be better.

Or perhaps Amy Merrick’s* underhanging hooks for mugs and cups:


Actually, I think I like this one best. It’s a quite perfect way to use the space we have available without it feeling cramped and cluttered. And looking at our mug shelf now, methinks I spy a spot of DIY in my future.

* If you haven’t done already, check out Amy’s blog, where she combines vintage lusting with DIY practicality and the occasional pinch of home life history. A fantastic read to accompany a fresh pot of tea and a clotted cream and jam-dressed scone.


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