pumpkin promises

12 Sep

At the beginning of the week I finally found some time to get out into the garden to do a bit of tidying up. It was well in need of it, although I don’t think the frog that sat and watched me was too impressed!

birthday270609 023

I cut back a couple of the bushes along the side fence and as I did I found both of my pumpkin plants winding their way through the bushes and up towards next door’s apple tree! I could not believe how long they had grown! I managed to untangle them and lay one of them out along the back of the veg patch and round to the back of the garden, and the other one is now being trained to grow along the fence. They each must be over 7 feet in length! Once I managed to get them under control I searched for any sign of fruit and to my surprise found one baby pumpkin on each plant! I am praying that they will do well, as I am a big pumpkin soup fan!!



Unfortunately, my squash plant is not looking as impressive in length; however, it does have a little squash growing!


And another courgette is fighting for pole position on the size chart, but I think it is still being beaten — just — by the monster I picked a few weeks ago!  I ended up using that one as a substitute for pasta sheets in a lasagna and it was scrumptious!


Tomorrow I am planning to harvest some peppers, chillies and tomatoes to use as toppings on a nice crispy pizza!





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