new knitty!

14 Sep

I quite adore autumn. I always loved starting the new school year, which is probably why I feel autumn brings with it promise of change and new adventures. As a knitter, however, autumn also ushers in a wave of new and exciting knits. Much like spying the first fallen leaf, one of the most anticipated events that announce the coming of the new season is the Fall issue of Knitty. Topping the list from this issue for me are four items that will have me kitted out for the rest of the season.

Girl Friday, with its shawl collar and elegant lace, is the perfect all-round cardi. I love how the wide button band is reflected in the equally deep ribby cuffs and hem, though I rather think my version would take advantage of the opportunity for giant buttons. In fact, this just might be the project the collection of giant coconut shell buttons in my favourites tin has been waiting for…


(The other thing that makes Girl Friday especially interesting is that designer Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark is also a yarnie and is offering up the yarn for her pattern by size in her shop, Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. I am very tempted. £50-75 might make the price tag a little high, but when you consider it’s hand-dyed and in support of an indie, it would definitely be worth it.)

Matthew and I have a yearly pact to hold off turning on the heat until at least mid-November, which might be why I’ve already printed out the pattern for Kindly Sheep. The fingerless glove with attachable mitten pocket are exactly what I need to keep stave off the cold!

I also already have visions of the Kernal scarf dancing in my head, or rather draping loftily round my neck. After finishing Alice’s Aurantium Blossom shawl (which is blocking right now!), I’m itching to cast on another lace project. I have several 4-ply skeins that really are too delicate for socks but would be utterly luscious tucked up against the skin.

However, perhaps my favourite of all the new Knitty’s offerings are the Hat-heel socks. Kathleen Sperling has completely inspired me with this one. The construction is genius! I’ve often wondered if this sort of thing would be possible, but never got around to figuring it out, and now I can’t wait to try it. This pattern has opened up a whole new world of opportunity: lace, cables, mosaics, how will they transpire using this revolutionary technique? The possibilities are endless!


3 Responses to “new knitty!”

  1. Brooke 14 September 2009 at 10:56 am #

    Those buttons are gorgeous! ^_^

  2. WIP Insanity 14 September 2009 at 7:08 pm #

    Re: Hat-heel socks – thanks so much! That’s exactly the sort of reaction I was hoping to inspire. I can’t wait to see what knitters do with the pattern.



  3. kitchensinkdyeworks 15 September 2009 at 10:19 pm #

    I’m so glad you like the design! I designed the sweater I wanted to live in this autumn, and the response has been lovely.

    When you’re ready for a kit, just let me know. I dye them all to order so you can get just the color you want!

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