etsy update: owls and sparrows and gorgeous vintage atomic barkcloth, oh my!

13 Oct

The Sparrows (like The Birds, but purply and cute, not savage scary)

We have been sitting on these fab knitting and crochet project bags for ages,


slightly psychedelic and chocolatey, too!

and all because I, Emmms, finished the sock we used in the first photoshoot and needed to knit up enough of a second sock to use for this photoshoot!


divine vintage atomic barkcloth

That will teach us to not do it all in one go!


fish eyes? abstract fried eggs? pretty orange on vivid blue...

Or rather, it’ll teach me to have an array of half-finished socks at the ready, should we need a prop!


wide-eyed owls against the moon

Which really means I should get cracking and cast on…

These bags are all up for sale in our Etsy shop, Made by Loumms. Oooh, and exciting news: we’ve had our first custom order at Folksy! How cool is that?! Even cooler, it’s for a secret pal swap! We’ll post pics of the finished piece as soon as it’s been received.


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