creation frustration

21 Nov

I am feeling pretty frustrated at the moment, I have so many knitting / sewing design ideas in my head but dont seem to be able to find the time to get them out!!!

When me and emmms were working on the year of socks it was a bit of a squeeze to get the patterns out every month but as we were setting aside days devoted to sock design it all seemed to work out, maybe that is the way forward for this year to come! Even though we are not using a specific design idea we do want to keep pumping out the patterns for the future and I know emmms feels the same way about not having enough time!

I normally do most of my knitting at work or on the bus but this is no place to start a design when all you want is to be surrounded by yarn, reference books and wine, not squashed between a woman with a four year old on her lap and a window!! I have the same problem with designing at work, I get on a roll and suddenly have to go out and deal blackjack, put’s a big stop to the whole process, well that or instead of adding up the cards I start adding stitches and manage to confuse the hell out of  everyone at the table!! Ha, ha, either way it is not working!

For me personally for the rest of 2009 I am going to concentrate on getting the Manos del Uruguay Scarf and Glove set I have been working on off the needles and onto paper by the 1st Dec,

 I am going to decide once and for all between Cascade Eco+ and Fyberspates Scrumptious for my new sweater:

And by the new year I am going to finally finish and write down the pattern for the palm-less mitts that have been sitting there for months!!!!


Wow that feels better, I am not gonna let this crazy time nonsense beat me!!!

Come on emmms your turn!


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