kitchen garden tip tuesday 2

25 Nov

Matthew tells me it’s not Tuesday, but I refuse to believe him. Because if it’s not, what the hell happened to Tuesday?!



Save your potato water for making bread. Alice at Slipped Stitch told me this ages ago and I’ve never looked back. When boiling potatoes for any reason, keep the water aside to use when you’re making bread. Once it’s cool, use it in place of the recommended lukewarm water to dissolve the yeast, as well as when adding it to the flour. I don’t add sugar to help the yeast, as it’s really not necessary, but I’ll admit the sugars in the starches released by the boiled potatoes really do add to the resulting crumb.


Plan ahead for your winter garden. If you still haven’t planted your wintering garden, there’s still time! Get your beets, carrots, cabbage and garlic down now. Though the cabbage may not take, as we near heavy frosts, beets, carrots and garlic will fair just fine and should emerge ready to eat between early February and late April.


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