festive cheer!

14 Dec

With only 10 days till Christmas, we are having a 24-hour Shipping Discount O’Glad Tidings party* at both our Made by Loumms shops starting today at 6 p.m. and ending at 6 p.m. 15 December.

We have heaps of giftacular items, perfect for:

* knitters and crocheters — what with our Sock- and Sweater-Perfect WIP Buttoned Bucket Bags and groovy vintage buttons, and all,

* gardeners and market-goers — for there are Market Aprons and Grow Your Own Food kits,

* anyone who cries, ‘Moth? Yuck, patooey!— for them we have Moth Banishment hanging organic lavender sachets,

* and especially those who think cold and uncomfortable is for those who haven’t learned to pamper themselves — our organic oaty bath soaks and lovely fair-trade wheat-filled handwarmers will make them happy.

Check out Made by Loumms Etsy and Made by Loumms Folksy!!

*  free shipping in the UK, and half-price International shipping for everything we have in stock, yay!

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