kitchen garden tip tuesday 3

16 Dec

You know when you wake up and you’re all, ‘Wahoo! I’m going to get stuff done today!’ and then you do, but you realise the next morning it was none of the fun stuff (except for going to see Where the Wild Things Are, that was fun). Anyway, in the spirit of Max, I’m pretending it’s Tuesday.


Store oils in dark, cool cupboards and NOT on the counter. Oils of all varieties, whether they’re standard vegetable oils or that gorgeous, almost creamy rich olive oil you find in Spanish delicatessans or super-expensive high-end truffle oil that cost more than your phone bill — if you want them to store well, keep them in a dark, cool cupboard. They’ll go rancid more quickly if left on the counter. This is something I have been waging a silent war with Matthew over for years, he always leaves it out and right next to the oven. And even though I was a lifeguard for eight years I never catch it until I’m rooting around the cupboard looking for it, with steam and bubbling and boiling all rolling.

By the same token, sticking your oils in the fridge does them no favours either. It takes a strip off the taste, and when you’ve paid through the nose for good stuff, it seems counterintuitive to let it fade into something bland and lifeless.


Use fleece or netting to protect your garden from frost. There is frost on the ground today, our first real one here in London. This should mean that any delicates in the garden are gently blanketed with a breathable fleece or netting. Mine are not.


Because I’m an idiot.

With any luck my poor strawberries won’t have killed themselves off in protest.


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